The future holds uncertainty and risk.  We have the tools and the experience to help your team deal with the future by looking at the details today.

Business models, strategy, decision making models, risk management, technology readiness assessment for launching a new service or product - we have experience to help you make a success.  We operate as a collective of experienced practitioners from our global network.  Although we have a range of frameworks, approaches and tools that we can use, we do not start with any pre-conceived ideas.  We do not sell any methods or tools, we use what is appropriate for the job.  Amongst others you can talk to us about:

• Design Thinking

• Industry 4.0 Readiness

• System Design Engineering

• Business modeling, strategy & plans

• Risk analysis

• Technology readiness assessment

• Value chain analysis and Lean design

• Customised training

• Technology scoping, planning and implementation

We bring skills as required through our networks to solve the problems we are presented with. Working with you in your team we quickly form an understanding of the subtleties of your operation and co-create possible solutions.  In this way there is buy-in and investment towards a shared outcome.  


StoneToStars is a new breed of company - a container for specialist from all over New Zealand and the world - that forms and reforms in response to your business needs.  Experience, networks and skills make it possible for us to work in a range of enterpises.  Since 2010 we have delivered many successful projects and worked with startups, tertiary education, councils and industry.  We have experience in Artificial Intelligence Systems, Simulation models and Digital Twins, The Circular Economy, Sustainable Farming concepts, 3D printing, Internet of Things, Sensor Systems, Lean approaches, Technology Readines Asessment, Customised training module development and mobile app development and deployment (iOS).  We have a deep understanding and experience of organisational readiness and change processes.


• Technical Writing and Presentation

• Industry 4.0 Readiness

• System and Design Thining

• Industry 4.0 and Lean 2.0 Organisational Change


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